Her Highness Iris

Umbrella Palm
Clumps with a crown of bright green grass like leaves radiating out from the center of each stalk. Up to 4 ft. tall. Popular as a pool plant for over 200 years $5.00 each, 3/$12.00
Dwarf Papyrus
A dwarf relative of the giant papyrus – grows to approx. 30″. Tropical foliage with brush-like heads on clumps of stalks. The papyrus look in a more manageable size. $4.00 each, 3/$10.00

Water Poppy
A shallow water plant with small (2-3″) water lily like pads floating on the water surface with California poppy look-a-like blooms 2″ in size and a nice deep yellow. Tropical. $2.00 ea. 3/$5.00
Her Highness Iris
New large white iris. $10.00 ea. 3/$25.00


Yellow Iris
A prolific grower with a nice springtime yellow flower. Forms large clumps of beautiful iris foliage. An excellent iris and easy to grow. Always looks good and grows to 36″ average. $5.00 ea. 3/$12.00
Pickerel Plant
A beautiful native clump forming bog plant with a long blooming season. 24-30″ height. $3.50 ea. 3