Trudy Slocum

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White Delight
Large white flower 8-10″ in diameter with numerous pointed petals create a distinct star shape. Pads are also large and faintly mottled. $25.00
Lemon yellow with oval heavily mottled leaves. Named for the Spanish city of gold. $33.00

Blooms are a rich medium pink with a delightful fragrance, large size and free flowering. Somewhat oval leaves – our first choice in topical pink daybloomer. One of the first to open in the mornings. $26.00
Flowers are sky blue and of tremendous size, being one of the largest and most beautiful of the tropical water lilies. Flowers are held high above pads that are green and heavily mottled. $25.00


Trudy Slocum
The most beautiful white night bloomer. You can see the typical development in the photo. Plant in large containers for this kind of effect. Developed at Slocum Water Gardens, flowers are large and held well above green pads. $21.00
Mrs. George C. Hitchcock
Flowers are a beautiful rose-pink of 12″ or more in size. Center stamens are an interesting mahogany contrasting nicely with the petals. Leaves are large with the overall plant size being one of the largest – plant in a large container for best showing. $21.00


Semi dwarf – Long slender blue petals with center of golden yellow. Bright green viviparous pads. Free flowering, very adaptable – even to semi shade. $25.00